PhD and Postdoc positions

  • As part of the European Quantum Secure Networks Partnership, there is a postdoc position available at Inria Grenoble, and working in collaboration with Inria Lyon, on theoretical aspects of device-independent and semi-device-independent quantum key distribution. Please get in contact for further information.
  • As part of the ANR project “Taming Quantum Causality” there is a postdoc position available (starting anytime from Jan 2023) at the Institut Néel with Cyril Branciard and in close collaboration with myself. If you’re interested in applying or want further information, contact myself or Cyril Branciard.

For further positions, you can also check out the Job Offers page of the QINFO team website.

Students, past and present

PhD students

  • Maarten Grothus (04/2023 – ): Co-supervising with Cyril Branciard (Institut Néel)
  • Pierre Pocreau (10/2022 – ): Co-supervising with Mehdi Mhalla (LIG)
  • Raphaël Mothe (10/2021 – ): Co-supervising with Cyril Branciard (Institut Néel)

Master’s students

  • Pierre Pocreau (02/2022 – 07/2022): Query complexity for higher order quantum computation
  • Elliot Renel (02/2022 - 06/2022): Computational advantages with causally indefinite quantum circuits
  • Raphaël Mothe (02/2021 – 07/2021): Quantum metrology with indefinite causal order
  • Pierre Pocreau (02/2021 – 05/2021): Improving quantum social welfare by relaxing pseudo-telepathic constraints in non-collaborative games
  • Océan Koska (02/2021 – 05/2021): Simulation of the superposition of multiple temporal gates orders in quantum circuits
  • Eleftherios Tselentis (2019, ETH Zürich): Anomalous weak values and indefinite causal order